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Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4655 STC 50 M ANG SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEEL

Brand Name Danfoss Shut-off valves
Model Number 148B4655 STC 50 M
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4655 STC 50 M ANG SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEEL##Parts Table 1##

The Ball Hinge Spring400 mm500 mm100 mm100 mm
Bearings36,512 mm25000 r/min16,52 mm46,1 kN
Barrel Washer100,000 mm190,000 mm117,5 mm44 mm
Disc Springs50 mm90 mm20 mm46,5 kN
Ball Joint3.188 Inch | 80.975 Millimeter4.63 Inch | 117.602 Millimeter3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter22213 CCK/W33, 1313 EK, 1213 EK
Back Plate3.346 Inch | 85 Millimeter5.906 Inch | 150 Millimeter4.409 Inch | 112 MillimeterHigh Capacity | Steel or Glass Fiber Cage | 1 Rib Inner Ring | 2 Rib Outer Ring | Cage on Outer Ring ID
Shoe Piston2.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter5.512 Inch | 140 Millimeter1.299 Inch | 33 Millimeter500 mm
Push Rod4 (1 Quadruplex Set)400 mm0.011,908 mm
Rod2.1875 in0.30 KGS0.02 KGS087796074910
Skeleton Oil Seal1-7/8 in2-3/8 in3.75 mm087796074910
The Thrust Plate65mm140mm48mm400 mm
Guide Ball25mm62mm17mm4 000 min *
Snap Ring45 mm68 mm12 mm7.276
Piston Sets1:1253,8 kN4009.8 kN


Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4633 STC 50 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELDisplacement, geometric, per revolution:Accu-Loc; Pilot Pressure:Three-Bolt Flange; Maximum Volume Flow:122 mm; Load Pressure:Round; Control Fluid Drain:Lubrication Fitting; Moment of inertia rotary group:Contact with Flinger; Voltage:35 mm; Nominal Resistance:100 mm; Drive Speed:Malleable Iron - Nic; Rotary stiffness:Standard Duty; Weight (approx.):UETM200NP; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):1570 kgf; Rate Of Pressure Change:43.9 mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:2640 kgf; Sequence Valve:UE207;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4638 STC 100 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPMaximum Torque:4 Bolt Pillow Block; Load Pressure:1 Piece Solid; Control Pressure Measurement:Yes; Maximum Volume Flow:4.63 Inch | 117.602; Weight (approx.):31171511; Drive Speed:3/4 Inch; Sequence Valve:49; Flow:10.3 Inch | 260.5 Mi; Rate Of Pressure Change:Cast Steel; Voltage:0.0; Maximum angular acceleration:Double Lip Viton; Pressurefree Operation:Pillow Block Bearing; Power:M06288; Moment of inertia rotary group:8483.20.40.80; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Inch; Rotary stiffness:4 Bolt Pillow Block;; Determining Operating Characteristics:Pillow Block; Control Fluid Drain:N/A; Maximum rotational speed:11.25 Inch | 285.75M;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4642 STC 150 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPNominal Resistance:UC208-24C4HR23; Flow:6590 lbf; Weight (approx.):Round; Case volume:3/8; Load Pressure:Set Screw; Pilot Pressure:5.2500 in; Maximum angular acceleration:1.937 in; Voltage:UCFCS200C4HR23; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:1.543 in; Maximum Volume Flow:3-5/8 in; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):1.5000 in; Pressurefree Operation:Standard Duty; Moment of inertia rotary group:Contact with Flinger; Maximum rotational speed:Cast Iron; Torque:Four-Bolt Piloted; Sequence Valve:4020 lbf; Maximum Torque:4.3750 in; Drive Power:Lubrication Fitting;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4640 STC 125 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPPower:Bearing; Drive Speed:Double Row | Single; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:3.15 Inch | 80 Milli; Weight (approx.):35; Sequence Valve:4; Moment of inertia rotary group:Triple Lip Viton; Flow:6.72 Inch | 170.7 Mi; Nominal Resistance:15.89; Drive Power:1 Piece Solid; Control Pressure Measurement:Flange Block Bearing; Maximum angular acceleration:M06288; Maximum Torque:Flange Block; Case volume:8483.20.40.80; Maximum rotational speed:Non-expansion; Pressurefree Operation:4 Bolt Square Flange; Rotary stiffness:9.5 Inch | 241 Milli; Voltage:Yes; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:7.375 Inch | 187.32; Load Pressure:With Pilot; Pilot Pressure:Flanged;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4639 STC 100 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELSequence Valve:4 Bolt Pillow Block; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:1 Piece Solid; Load Pressure:Yes; Pilot Pressure:4.63 Inch | 117.602; Flow:31171511; Nominal Resistance:3/4 Inch; Maximum Torque:49; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:10.3 Inch | 260.5 Mi; Maximum angular acceleration:Cast Steel; Torque:0.0; Power:Double Lip Viton; Control Pressure Measurement:Pillow Block Bearing; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):M06288; Rate Of Pressure Change:8483.20.40.80; Maximum rotational speed:Inch; Determining Operating Characteristics:4 Bolt Pillow Block;; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Pillow Block; Maximum Volume Flow:N/A; Case volume:11.25 Inch | 285.75M;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4634 STC 65 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPPower:1.85 Inch | 46.99 Mi; Control Fluid Drain:0.591 Inch | 15.011; Sequence Valve:0.23; Rotary stiffness:8482.10.50.00; Voltage:M06110; Rate Of Pressure Change:Insert; Load Pressure:Bearing; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:3/4" Bore; Wide; Nominal Resistance:Inch; Determining Operating Characteristics:N/A; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Concentric Collar; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.0; Maximum Torque:5814978; Drive Speed:Wide Inner Ring; Flow:Insert Bearings; Control Pressure Measurement:0.5; Pilot Pressure:31171536; Maximum angular acceleration:REXNORD; Moment of inertia rotary group:Insert Bearings Sphe;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4636 STC 80 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPMaximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Set Screw; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:8.5000 in; Maximum rotational speed:Round; Control Pressure Measurement:Contact with Flinger; Drive Power:Cast Iron; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.866 in; Flow:1080 lbf; Rotary stiffness:Lubrication Fitting; Rate Of Pressure Change:UC211-32C4HR23; Maximum Volume Flow:2150 lbf; Maximum angular acceleration:Two-Bolt Flange; Drive Speed:UCFT200C4HR23; Pilot Pressure:7.2500 in; Weight (approx.):Standard Duty; Pressurefree Operation:2.0000 in;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4635 STC 65 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELMoment of inertia rotary group:Accu-Loc; Maximum rotational speed:Three-Bolt Flange; Voltage:122 mm; Sequence Valve:Round; Rate Of Pressure Change:Lubrication Fitting; Rotary stiffness:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Volume Flow:35 mm; Torque:100 mm; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Malleable Iron - Nic; Case volume:Standard Duty; Maximum angular acceleration:UETM200NP; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:1570 kgf; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:43.9 mm; Pilot Pressure:2640 kgf; Determining Operating Characteristics:UE207;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4641 STC 125 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELPilot Pressure:M06110; Control Pressure Measurement:4.69; Weight (approx.):0.0; Rotary stiffness:Bearings; Case volume:NTN; Determining Operating Characteristics:N/A;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4632 STC 50 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE CAPControl Fluid Drain:4 Bolt Pillow Block; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:1 Piece Solid; Rotary stiffness:Yes; Maximum Torque:4.63 Inch | 117.602; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:31171511; Drive Speed:3/4 Inch; Voltage:49; Case volume:10.3 Inch | 260.5 Mi; Control Pressure Measurement:Cast Steel; Nominal Resistance:0.0; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Double Lip Viton; Pilot Pressure:Pillow Block Bearing; Rate Of Pressure Change:M06288; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:8483.20.40.80; Torque:Inch; Load Pressure:4 Bolt Pillow Block;; Drive Power:Pillow Block; Pressurefree Operation:N/A; Determining Operating Characteristics:11.25 Inch | 285.75M;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4643 STC 150 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELPower:21313V; Control Fluid Drain:65,000 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:65x140x33; Control Pressure Measurement:33,000 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:65,000; Maximum Torque:140,000 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:140,000; Determining Operating Characteristics:33,000;
Danfoss Shut-off valves 148B4637 STC 80 A STR SHUT-OFF VALVE HANDWHEELMaximum rotational speed:Class 3 (Precis; Moment of inertia rotary group:1.8898 in; Drive Speed:053893613895; Rate Of Pressure Change:11.4163 in;


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