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Yuken PV2R1-12-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pump

Brand Name Yuken
Model Number PV2R1-12-L-RAA-4222
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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#Yuken PV2R1-12-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pump#Parts Table 1##

Skeleton Oil Seal40 mm62 mm40 mm0,45 Kg
Retainer Plate4,763 mm7,938 mm2,779 mm0,45 Kg
Swash Plate25 mm52 mm18 mmNone
Cylinder Block2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter4.528 Inch | 115 Millimeter0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter0.658
Shoe Piston1-1/8 in6.474,763 mm31.344
Pump Right Rotating Group0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter0.507N/A0.251
SwingBall Bearing-Double Row7,9382,779
Saddle Bearing1 in1-1/8 in3320.165 lb
Servo Piston8017058170
Cylinder Blocks51142 Seals


Yuken PV2R1-14-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpSequence Valve:0.028; Drive Speed:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Control Fluid Drain:B04144; Maximum rotational speed:Bearings; Drive Power:0.0; Maximum Volume Flow:N/A;
Yuken PV2R1-23-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:420 mm; Flow:280 mm; Weight (approx.):33,5 Kg; Rotary stiffness:245 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:65 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:65; Case volume:420; Drive Power:65 mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:QJ 1056; Maximum Volume Flow:553 kN; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):280x420x65; Control Fluid Drain:280;
Yuken PV2R1-17-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum Volume Flow:Cylindrical Bore; Moment of inertia rotary group:1.969 Inch | 50 Mill; Nominal Resistance:7310B; Drive Power:Bearing; Voltage:100 mm; Pilot Pressure:2 mm; Maximum Torque:No; Rate Of Pressure Change:1 mm; Drive Speed:Ball Bearing; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.0; Power:8482.10.50.28; Weight (approx.):50MM Bore; 110MM Out; Maximum angular acceleration:No; Flow:N/A; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:B00308; Load Pressure:1 mm; Maximum rotational speed:2 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:2 mm; Case volume:110 mm; Rotary stiffness:Angular Contact Ball;
Yuken PV2R1-31-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpPilot Pressure:N/A; Weight (approx.):SKF; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.0; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):713649300; Control Pressure Measurement:Bearings; Flow:B00234; Maximum rotational speed:0.661; Sequence Valve:VKBA 1460; Moment of inertia rotary group:CX118; Drive Speed:5024;
Yuken PV2R1-25-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpWeight (approx.):Uncoated; Maximum Torque:053893333496; Rate Of Pressure Change:49400 lbf; Power:55000; Pilot Pressure:-65 to +250 &de; Drive Speed:2.5000 in; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:55433D, 55444D; Maximum rotational speed:Chrome Steel; Control Pressure Measurement:1.9675 in;
Yuken PV2R1-23-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpWeight (approx.):N/A; Maximum Volume Flow:SKF; Voltage:0.0; Torque:713649300; Drive Speed:Bearings; Pilot Pressure:B00234; Control Fluid Drain:0.661; Determining Operating Characteristics:VKBA 1460; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):CX118; Sequence Valve:5024;
Yuken PV2R1-19-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpDetermining Operating Characteristics:Cylindrical Bore; Pilot Pressure:1.969 Inch | 50 Mill; Flow:7310B; Maximum rotational speed:Bearing; Torque:100 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:2 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:No; Rotary stiffness:1 mm; Control Fluid Drain:Ball Bearing; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.0; Maximum Volume Flow:8482.10.50.28; Power:50MM Bore; 110MM Out; Sequence Valve:No; Nominal Resistance:N/A; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):B00308; Weight (approx.):1 mm; Load Pressure:2 mm; Case volume:2 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:110 mm; Maximum Torque:Angular Contact Ball;
Yuken PV2R1-25-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpSequence Valve:250,000 mm; Pressurefree Operation:46,000 mm; Voltage:250x349.500x46; Weight (approx.):46,000 mm; Nominal Resistance:349,500; Drive Speed:349,500 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:250,000; Drive Power:SC5003; Control Fluid Drain:46,000;
Yuken PV2R1-31-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpDrive Speed:12 mm; Flow:0,6 mm; Voltage:M22×1,5; Moment of inertia rotary group:22 mm; Maximum Torque:15 °; Control Fluid Drain:20 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:50 mm; Drive Power:84 mm; Pressurefree Operation:28 mm; Nominal Resistance:0,41 Kg; Power:43 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:SIJ22; Maximum Volume Flow:27,5 kN; Torque:109 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:38,1 mm; Rotary stiffness:32 mm; Maximum rotational speed:37 mm; Sequence Valve:30 mm; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):22;
Yuken PV2R1-17-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpSequence Valve:No Pilot; Torque:Flange Block Bearing; Load Pressure:Spherical Roller Bea; Maximum angular acceleration:31171501; Maximum Torque:1 Piece Solid; Moment of inertia rotary group:6; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:6 Bolt Round Flange; Rate Of Pressure Change:8483.20.40.80; Control Fluid Drain:0.0; Drive Power:M06288; Determining Operating Characteristics:Double Lip Nitrile R; Power:24.97; Control Pressure Measurement:7.02 Inch | 178.3 Mi; Nominal Resistance:14 Inch | 355.6 Mill; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Expansion; Pilot Pressure:TIMKEN; Weight (approx.):V Lock; Flow:Double Row | Double; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:N/A;
Yuken PV2R1-14-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):250,000 mm; Torque:46,000 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:250x349.500x46; Flow:46,000 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:349,500; Nominal Resistance:349,500 mm; Load Pressure:250,000; Power:SC5003; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:46,000;



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What are the characteristics of vane pumps?

  • 1、Mar 5, 2019 — A rotary vane pump can also be used alone when high vacuum is not ... stage of the pump, which changes the characteristics of the pump.
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  • 3、Improved durability and wear resistance. This type of the pump has a unique mechanism where the vane and the inside of the casing contacts closely each other, ...
  • 4、A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside a cavity. ... Technical features:.
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  • 6、Technical features and manufacturing characteristics The rotary vane pump is brass made with a stainless steel AISI 303 rotor, while the pumping chamber and ...
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  • 5、Jan 8, 2018 — 1. Through the rotation of the impeller, the blade pump converts the mechanical energy of the power machine into a hydraulic machine with water ...
  • 6、The working chamber (5) is located inside the housing and is restricted by the stator, rotor and the vanes. The eccentrically installed rotor and vanes divide ...
  • 7、The vanes of the rotating impeller impart a radial and rotary motion to the liquid, ... A pump containing seven impellers within a single casing would be ...
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What are vane pumps used for?

  • 1、Due to the fact that they can handle a wide range of viscosities, Vane pumps are often widely used for fuel loading terminals, fuel transport vehicles, solvents, 
  • 2、Vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications ranging from chemicals to liquefied gases. Vanes extend from slots in the rotor, sweeping liquid through a 
  • 3、Mar 12, 2019 — How do rotary vane vacuum pumps work? In an oil-sealed rotary vane pump (or dry vane mechanism) an offset rotor fitted with vanes that slide in 
  • 4、Jul 10, 2009 — In vane pumps, vanes slide in slots in a rotor that rotates in an oval or eccentric housing. During rotation, atmospheric pressure forces oil into the 
  • 5、Oct 7, 2015 — A vane pump uses a rotating cylinder with slots (or rotors) housing a series of vanes that rotate inside the cavity. The rotor is offset in a casing 
  • 6、causes of destruction of these hydraulic vane pumps and motors in service. ... When a pump is used on a very fast pressure cycling machine, attention should be 
  • 7、Sliding vane pumps are used in a wide range of applications within the LPG, refined fuels and chemical industry. The sliding vane design combines low cost 
  • 8、As the rotor revolves, fluid flows into the area between the vanes (pumping ... Blackmer SNP pumps are typically used in handling a variety of corrosive or 

What is the difference between vane pump and piston pump?

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  • 6、Dec 12, 2018 — PD pumps are available in two categories—reciprocating and rotary, with rotary pumps consisting of single- or multiple-rotor configurations.
  • 7、There is no leakage between the vane tips and the casings. A side thrust is made on the rotor shaft due to the difference in pressure between the inlet and ...
  • 8、Sep 20, 2013 — In a variable-displacement pump, the flow rate and outlet ... The most common type of variable-displacement pump is the rotary vane pump, ...

What is a vane pump and where is it usually located?

  • 1、by W Fiebig · 2021 · Cited by 2 — The new design of the vane pump integrated with the electric motor [1] is based on the kinematic inversion and assumes that the rotor of the ...
  • 2、The PVD pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with mechanical pressure ... The pumps are usually placed directly upon the oil tank. Flooded.10 pages
  • 3、The rotor in a vane pump is connected to the prime mover through a shaft. The vanes are located on the slotted rotor. The rotor is eccentrically placed ...
  • 4、A balanced vane pump is a very versatile design that has found widespread ... fixed displacement, units are usually provided with 23° or 30° offset angles.
  • 5、Mar 25, 2021 — Vane pumps are commonly used in automobiles, power steering of vehicles, and are also used in air conditioners. The vane pump is not good ...
  • 6、Jun 4, 2018 — Vane pumps typically cannot handle high-pressure circuits, however. Vane pump advantages: quiet, moderately efficient, many control options
  • 7、vane pumps are typically used in application that require the movement of ... A radial piston pump consists of piston located parallel to the pump shaft.
  • 8、Gear and sliding vane pumps have marched side-by-side through history as among the most ... location), making them stationary and ensuring longer seal.

What are the components of the vane pump?

  • 1、Sep 1, 2020 — Hydraulic Parts Vane Pump Flow Problems. Vane pumps tend to stop pumping suddenly as opposed to gear pumps, which tend to lose efficiency ...
  • 2、Dec 12, 2018 — After the liquid is collected in this space, the movement of the pumping elements transports it to the discharge port. In general, this method ...
  • 3、Mar 5, 2019 — One of the critical components in a rotary vane pump is the exhaust valve (Fig. 4), which is fed by multiple ports.
  • 4、Apr 2, 2020 — Whether it is your first time designing a vane pump or the tenth time, ... most common pump element design materials, component dimensions, ...
  • 5、Components. Rotary vane pumps are more complex than gear pumps, or piston pumps. The main body of the pump consists of a cam ring, rotor and vanes.
  • 6、Vane pumps are available in a number of vane configurations including sliding vane (left), flexible vane, swinging vane, rolling vane, and external vane. Vane ...
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What is the difference between vane pump and gear pump?

  • 1、Aug 24, 2015 — Gear pumps can also be used in hydraulic power steering systems to ... injection-molding machinery, vane pumps operate with a much lower 
  • 2、Apr 27, 2019 — Vane pumps are hydraulic pumps which operate at a very low noise level as well as a lower flow pulsation (or constant flow) whilst reaching 
  • 3、The crescent internal gear pump has an outer or rotor gear that is generally ... allowing the spaces between gear teeth to completely fill and not cavitate. Internal ... Sliding vane pumps (Figure 4) operate quite differently from gear and ... Thin. Liquids. Viscous. Solids. Dry Prime. Diff. Pressure. Internal Gear. G. G. E. P. A. G
  • 4、Jan 17, 2019 — A comparison between a CFD simulation with PumpLinx and a 0D ... for a vane pump, the results obtained by the analysis of the gears' profiles
  • 5、Sep 20, 2013 — The simplest type of fixed-displacement pump is the gear pump, in which ... In a variable-displacement pump, the flow rate and outlet pressure can be ... pump is the rotary vane pump, which is a variation of the gear pump in 
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  • 7、This above question "What is the difference between vane pump and radial piston pump? ... MCQ: The rotation of gears in internal gear pump takes place in
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