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Yuken PV2R13-31-60-F-RAAA-41 Double Vane pump

Brand Name Yuken
Model Number PV2R13-31-60-F-RAAA-41
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##Parts Table 1#Yuken PV2R13-31-60-F-RAAA-41 Double Vane pump#

Bearing Plate30 mm10 mm14 mm5.40 kN
Bearings1180 mm900 mm165 mm6025 kN
Saddle Bearing300 mm140 mm102 mm>1 000 at 130 °C (265 °F)
Swing3.969 Inch | 100.813 Millimeter3.438 Inch | 87.325 Millimeter5.688 Inch | 144.475 Millimeter360x440x38
Piston Shoe3.969 Inch | 100.813 Millimeter1.7013 mmPlain
Regulator0.377 Inch | 9.576 Millimeter0.252 Inch | 6.401 Millimeter260.3 mm0.375 Inch | 9.525 Millimeter
Spacer78053018524,7 kN
Ball Guides62 mm17 mm9 mm14 mm
Valve Plates440 mm360 mm38 mm38 mm
Shafts7802,200 rpmUG3K55LTLSD 250/HB2


How the vanes are held in contact with the cam ring in high performance vane motors?

  • 1、by Y INAGUMA · Cited by 22 — between the cam lift and the vane thickness for the vane pump with high mechanical efficiency. 2. Nomenclature b : Width of cam ring, rotor and vane.
  • 2、Hydraulic motors have the advantages of torque limiting, compact size per ... As the rotor spins, vanes extend and retract to seal against the cam ring.
  • 3、The stator is held in position by the drive end (D.E.) and slip ring end ... (2) Low speed, High Torque Motors (LSHT)-internal gear motor, vane rolling.
  • 4、Dec 1, 1986 — Vanes within the rotor slots are thrown out by centrifugal force and held out by system pressure to follow a double lobed cam ring.
  • 5、rotary hydraulic power, these motors ... of a cam ring, rotor, ten vanes, and two ... high efficiency over the life of the motor. Smooth Operation.29 pages
  • 6、Never service a hydraulic system while the motor, pump or actuators are ... The vanes are held against the cam ring by hydraulic pressure – plus spring.
  • 7、Materials are chosen for long life efficiency. Vanes, rotor and cam ring are made out of hardened high alloy steels. Cast semi-steel sideplates are chemically ...
  • 8、MD FAIYAZ AHMED · 2016 · ‎Technology & EngineeringGear motors typically have an overall efficiency of _____ as compared to ... vanes are held in contact with the cam ring in a high-performance vane motor.

What is vane type pump?

  • 1、by TB Martin · 1993 — GOV Patent: Vane-type fuel pump ... A pump is described comprising: a pump housing including interior surfaces defining a pumping chamber ...Patent Number(s): US 5226803; AApplication Number: PPN: US 7-733469
  • 2、They are used as both engine-driven primary fuel pumps and as auxiliary or boost pumps. Regardless, the vane-type pump is a constant displacement pump that ...Dec 9, 2021 · Uploaded by Viking Pump
  • 3、Dec 3, 2021 — Different types of vane pumps ... Vane pumps are available in fixed and variable displacement designs. Fixed displacement pumps tend to be a ...
  • 4、PURPOSE: A vane type pump is provided to prevent hydraulic noise by attenuating a rotational moment generated while the vane moves between rotor slots.
  • 5、On a sliding vane pump, the rotor is placed close to the wall of the cam so a crescent shaped cavity is formed. The rotor is sealed into the cam by two ...
  • 6、Jun 4, 2018 — Vane pumps reside in the middle ground between gear and piston pumps. They're more efficient than gear pumps, but less so than piston pumps.
  • 7、Apr 23, 2021 — These pumps have a number of vanes that are free to slide into or out of slots in the pump rotor. When the pump driver turns the rotor, ...
  • 8、Oct 7, 2015 — A vane pump uses a rotating cylinder with slots (or rotors) housing a series of vanes that rotate inside the cavity. The rotor is offset in a ...

Where are vane type pumps usually located?

  • 1、pumps are of Vickers “balanced vane type” construction. ... Data based on performance at oil temperature of 49° C (120° F), viscosity 32 cSt at 38° C (150 ...
  • 2、A displacement vacuum pump is generally a vacuum pump in which the gas which is to be pumped is sucked in with the aid of pistons, rotors, vanes and valves ...
  • 3、The rotor in a vane pump is connected to the prime mover through a shaft. The vanes are located on the slotted rotor. The rotor is eccentrically placed inside a ...
  • 4、Vickers balanced vane type hydraulic single pumps in ... Service inquiries should always include the complete unit model number, which is stamped on the ...
  • 5、Also commonly referred to as a rotary vane pump, this particular type of hydraulic pump may only have a few moving parts, but their precision is crucial.
  • 6、Figure 1 illustrates the mechanism found in a wobble pump. As the handle is moved down from where it is shown, the vane on the left side of the pump moves up, ...
  • 7、They are used as both engine-driven primary fuel pumps and as auxiliary or boost pumps. Regardless, the vane-type pump is a constant displacement pump that ...Dec 9, 2021 · Uploaded by Viking Pump
  • 8、decades of experience with every type of hydraulic equipment. ... is always a static head on the pump inlet ... the vane's location during rotor rotation.

Which pump has maximum efficiency?

  • 1、For the pump speed, N1 = 1439 rpm: The efficiency is proportional to the flow rate and it is increase until the maximum value of 38.30%.
  • 2、by M Mosshammer · 2019 · Cited by 3 — choosing between a displacement pump and a centrifugal pump like Grabow [1,2] has shown in. Figure 1. In this paper, the efficiency is ...
  • 3、by W Wang · Cited by 1 — The double-suction centrifugal pump is a highly efficient pump as compared ... For the efficiency curves, the maximum deviation occurs at an ...Efficiency, η: 84Design parameters: ValueSuction diameter, Ds (mm): 250Rotational speed, N (rpm): 1480
  • 4、The maximum efficiency of a centrifugal pump is A). 50% B). 60% C). 85% D). 100%. From all these options 85% is answer. If you find any mistake in The ...
  • 5、In centrifugal pumps, maximum efficiency is obtained when the blades are · Straight · Bent forward · Bent backward · Radial ...Forward Curved Vanes: Small VolumeRadial Vanes: Medium Volume and SizeBackward curved Vanes: Large Volume and si...1 answer  ·  Top answer: "Explanation: Backward Curved Blades: vane exit angle is less than 90° Forward Curved Blades: vane exit angle is more than 90° Radial Blades: Vane ...
  • 6、by Q Wei · 2016 · Cited by 6 — When the diffuser is operating at a nonoptimal point, the hydraulic efficiency, hh, will drop, and the pump must inevitably deviate from its maximum efficiency ...
  • 7、Sep 26, 2016 — Every pump has a Best Efficiency Point (BEP) which is the flow at which the pump operates at the maximum hydraulic performance.
  • 8、Pump efficiency is defined as the ratio of useful hydraulic power delivered to the fluid to the power input at the drive shaft.

What is eccentricity of vane pump?

  • 1、In vane pumps, a number of vanes slide in slots in a rotor which rotates in a housing or ring. The housing may be eccentric with the center of the rotor, ...
  • 2、Feb 2, 2017 — An eccentric movable vane pump includes a cylinder body, a first rotor, second rotors, and movable vanes of which the number is greater than ...
  • 3、Specialized in the distributor of hydraulic pumps from Bosch Rexroth, Eaton Vickers, Parker, Denison, ... Radial piston pump – with eccentric cylinder block.
  • 4、by F Fatigati · 2020 · Cited by 2 — To date, Sliding Vane Pump (SVP) technology is one of the most attractive solution ... machines are produced by varying the eccentricity - for a mechanical ...
  • 5、1- Fixed Displacement vane pump. In this type of pump the eccentricity between pump cam-ring and rotor is fixed and pump discharge always remain same at.
  • 6、The PVD pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with mechanical pressure compensator. ... eccentric position with use of an adjustable load spring.
  • 7、Jun 28, 2021 — As the eccentricity is decreased, the volume of the chambers decreases thus lowering the flow rate. When the shaft and rotor are concentric ...
  • 8、Nov 22, 2015 — eccentricity of the rotor. David Staley, Bryan Pryor [1] had worked on adaptation of variable displacement vane pump.

How does a vane pump operate?

  • 1、Feb 3, 2015 — In a magnetic drive rotary vane pump two pumps design are combined ... and out of the rotor creating vane chambers that do the pumping work.
  • 2、Rotary vane vacuum pump works on a positive-displacement pumping principle. The design consists of a rotor, which is mounted eccentrically inside a cylindrical ...
  • 3、Rotary Vane Pumps. It should be noted that the performance curve is very linear. This pump reaches a flow rate of 150 l/h with an operating pressure of ...
  • 4、An electric motor is used to rotate the pump. Rotary Vane Pump Parts. How Rotary Vane Pumps Work. The below video is an extract from our Introduction to ...
  • 5、How does a Blackmer sliding vane pump work? — How does a Blackmer sliding vane pump work? Is the relief valve on STX pump self priming? What is the ...
  • 6、Oct 4, 2018 — So how do these pumps compare? Single stage vacuum pumps. GVS 200 A - single stage vacuum pump. How they work - Single stage pumps exhaust into ...
  • 7、HYDRAULICS VANE PUMPS: DESCRIPTION. During operation, the vanes are held outward against the cam ring by internal hydraulic pressure. Pressure oil.
  • 8、PVR Vane Pumps deliver faster ... heat exchanger and does not require a high pressure bypass. ... achieve multiple pump operation from a single power.

How does a double vane pump work?

  • 1、Double Vane Pump: 4.1 cu in/rev- 2.5 cu in/rev, 1 in Shaft Size, Keyed Shaft ... Country of Origin USA. Country of Origin is subject to change.
  • 2、May 9, 2019 — A variable-displacement pressure-compensated vane pump works quite differently from a piston pump. Instead of reciprocating pistons, the ...
  • 3、The two major types of rotary pumps are those with single or multiple rotors. ... Vane – Vanes work with a cam to draw media into and out of the pumping ...
  • 4、In fact, there are six points of comparison between gear and sliding vane pumps that help spell out the differences between the two:.
  • 5、Jun 5, 2017 — Vanes are the main sealing element between the suction and discharge ports and are usually made of a ... How Does A Vane Pump Work?
  • 6、All Parker vane pumps are individually tested to provide the best quality & reliability. ... Do not modify or work on the pump under pressure or when the.
  • 7、Sep 22, 2021 — The simplest vane pump consists of a circular rotor, rotating inside of a larger circular cavity. The centres of the two circles are offset, ...
  • 8、Vanes are allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and seal on all edges, creating vane chambers that do the pumping work. On the intake side of the pump, ...




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Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMaximum Axial Force At Standstill:Straight; Maximum Torque:27 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:N/A; Control Pressure Measurement:Open; Sequence Valve:Single Row; Pilot Pressure:110 mm; Nominal Resistance:Metric; Moment of inertia rotary group:Brass; Weight (approx.):Complete with Outer; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:C3-Loose; Control Fluid Drain:Cylindrical Roller B; Drive Speed:300; Load Pressure:B04144; Voltage:Yes; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Electric Motors, Pri; Maximum Volume Flow:Cylindrical Roller B; Flow:1.969 Inch | 50 Mill; Power:C3; Torque:50 mm;
Yuken PV2R34-85-200-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpLoad Pressure:48 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:7,6 kN; Determining Operating Characteristics:8; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):13 mm; Flow:SIJK8C; Maximum Torque:16 mm; Pilot Pressure:M8; Control Fluid Drain:15,88 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:36 mm; Pressurefree Operation:0,3 mm; Rotary stiffness:8 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:12 °; Case volume:24 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:5 mm; Weight (approx.):12 mm; Drive Power:9,5 mm; Voltage:13 mm; Power:0,047 Kg; Rate Of Pressure Change:12,5 mm; Maximum Volume Flow:12 mm;
Yuken PV2R34-85-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpLoad Pressure:48 mm; Rotary stiffness:7,6 kN; Pressurefree Operation:8; Flow:13 mm; Maximum rotational speed:SIJK8C; Drive Speed:16 mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:M8; Control Fluid Drain:15,88 mm; Maximum Volume Flow:36 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:0,3 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:8 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:12 °; Weight (approx.):24 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:5 mm; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):12 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:9,5 mm; Torque:13 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:0,047 Kg; Maximum Torque:12,5 mm; Case volume:12 mm;
Yuken PV2R34-94-184F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpWeight (approx.):Cast Iron - Nickel P; Maximum rotational speed:Round; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:4.6094 in; Moment of inertia rotary group:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Two-Bolt Flange; Maximum Volume Flow:UC206-20; Maximum angular acceleration:UCFA200NP; Drive Speed:1080 lbf; Rotary stiffness:Set Screw; Maximum Torque:Lubrication Fitting; Torque:2150 lbf; Case volume:5.6719 in; Pressurefree Operation:0.866 in; Load Pressure:Standard Duty; Power:1.2500 in;
Yuken PV2R34-85-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpDisplacement, geometric, per revolution:240; Weight (approx.):38 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:160x240x38; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:38; Load Pressure:240 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:160; Maximum Volume Flow:5,1 Kg; Drive Speed:160 mm; Sequence Valve:196 kN; Rotary stiffness:176 kN; Maximum rotational speed:4300 r/min; Voltage:25 °; Control Fluid Drain:7032 ATBP4; Control Pressure Measurement:38 mm;
Yuken PV2R34-94-200-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMaximum Torque:80x110x16; Voltage:16 mm; Sequence Valve:110; Control Fluid Drain:85.5 mm; Torque:0.368 Kg; Maximum rotational speed:104.5 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:15 °; Flow:7916C; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:11000 r/min; Load Pressure:16; Nominal Resistance:110 mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.6 mm; Rotary stiffness:80 mm; Drive Power:16 mm; Maximum angular acceleration:1 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:20.7 mm; Pilot Pressure:1 mm; Case volume:80; Power:8800 r/min;
Yuken PV2R34-94-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpSequence Valve:0.0; Voltage:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Maximum rotational speed:B00308; Rotary stiffness:0.504; Power:N/A; Torque:Bearings;
Yuken PV2R34-76-200-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpPressurefree Operation:80x110x16; Maximum angular acceleration:16 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:110; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:85.5 mm; Voltage:0.368 Kg; Maximum Volume Flow:104.5 mm; Maximum Torque:15 °; Power:7916C; Case volume:11000 r/min; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:16; Drive Power:110 mm; Flow:0.6 mm; Weight (approx.):80 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:16 mm; Control Fluid Drain:1 mm; Pilot Pressure:20.7 mm; Load Pressure:1 mm; Maximum rotational speed:80; Drive Speed:8800 r/min;
Yuken PV2R34-94-153-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpControl Pressure Measurement:80x110x16; Maximum Volume Flow:16 mm; Maximum Torque:110; Rotary stiffness:85.5 mm; Flow:0.368 Kg; Maximum angular acceleration:104.5 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:15 °; Determining Operating Characteristics:7916C; Sequence Valve:11000 r/min; Maximum rotational speed:16; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):110 mm; Control Fluid Drain:0.6 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:80 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:16 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:1 mm; Drive Power:20.7 mm; Voltage:1 mm; Case volume:80; Pressurefree Operation:8800 r/min;
Yuken PV2R34-76-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMoment of inertia rotary group:Bearings; Voltage:BUNTING BEARING CORP; Sequence Valve:0.0; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):B04264; Case volume:N/A; Pilot Pressure:0.175;
Yuken PV2R34-85-153-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpPressurefree Operation:N/A; Drive Power:Bearings; Maximum rotational speed:B04286; Nominal Resistance:IKO; Sequence Valve:0.0;
Yuken PV2R34-85-184-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpCase volume:48 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:7,6 kN; Control Fluid Drain:8; Sequence Valve:13 mm; Voltage:SIJK8C; Rotary stiffness:16 mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:M8; Drive Power:15,88 mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:36 mm; Pressurefree Operation:0,3 mm; Control Pressure Measurement:8 mm; Maximum rotational speed:12 °; Maximum Torque:24 mm; Pilot Pressure:5 mm; Torque:12 mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:9,5 mm; Nominal Resistance:13 mm; Power:0,047 Kg; Maximum Volume Flow:12,5 mm; Weight (approx.):12 mm;


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PV2R13. PV2R23. PV2R33. 6, 8. 10, 12. 14, 17. 19, 23. 25, 31. 26, 33. 41, 47. 53, 59. 65 ... 41, 47. 52, 60. 66, 76. 94, 116. Foot Mtg. L: Flange. Mtg. F: Clockwise

Yuken PV2R Series Double Vane Pumps PV2R13-19-94-F

Model Number: PV2R13-19-94-F-RAAA-41 Yuken PV2R Series Double Vane Pumps ... PV2R12-31-33-F-REAA-4222, PV2R23-65-60-F-RAAA-41

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Single Pumps. "PV2R" Series. Double Pumps. PV2R13. PV2R23. PV2R33. PV2R14 ... F: Flange. Mounting. PV2R3. PV2R4. 6, 8, 10, 12. 14, 17, 19. 23, 25, 31. PV2R1. 41, 47, 53. 59, 65. 76, 94, 116. 136, 153, 184. 200, 237. Pump ... V ane. Pumps. B. "PV2R" Series Single Vane Pumps. Noise Level. dB(A). 60. 55. 0. 3.5. 14

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Yuken PV2R13-31-60-F-RAAA-41 Double Vane pump Engineering Calculator , Yuken Double Vane pump Nitrile Seal Manufacturing Service . Get Bearing 

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Information on the Yuken line of hydraulic vane pumps including PV2R, PV2R4A, PV2R24A, PV2R34A single vane pumps ... PV2R13-31-116-F-RAAA-41; PV2R13-31-116-L-LLLA-41 ... PV2R23-26-60-L-RHAR-41; PV2R23-26-94-F-REAA-41 
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