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Rexroth A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 Piston Pump

Brand Name Rexroth
Model Number A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Rexroth A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 Piston Pump##Parts Table 1##

Separator50,8 mmCup3,8 Kg3,8 Kg
Cylinder Block60 mm65 mm60 mm0,205 Kg
Bearing Plate50 mm3/8 NPT51.6 mm2.62 kg
Friction Plate0 Inch | 0 Millimeter6.299 Inch | 159.995 Millimeter2.313 Inch | 58.75 Millimeter1.693
Drive Shaft0.75 Inch | 19.05 Millimeter1.72 Inch | 43.7 Millimeter387550.907
Retainer Plate60 mm130 mm31 mmLM522510D
Piston Shoe1.72 Inch | 43.7 Millimeter295.275 mm387551 Piece Solid
Bushing Spring9 mm17 mm4 mm4 mm
Barrel Washer25 mm47 mm18 mmABEC 7 (ISO Class 4)
Ball Joint13 mm6 mm46.3 kN0.0


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      Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pump | MH Hydraulics

      Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pump ...... A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S2183 ..... A10VSO100DFR1-31R-PPA12N00 .... A10VSO140DFEH-31R-PPB12N00

      AA10VSO | Bosch Rexroth USA

      A1VO (Series 10); Current page A10V(S)O & (A)A10VSO (Series 31); A10V(S)O (Series 52) · A10VSO (Series 32) · A10FZO · (A)A4VSO (Series 10 & 30) 

      Rexroth Piston Pump A10VSO71DFR1/32R-PPA12N00

      Rexroth Piston Pump A10VSO71DFR1/32R-PPA12N00 for sale,Saar HK ... A10VSO140DRG/31R-PPB12N00 ... A10VSO100DFR1/32R-VPB12N00S1439

      Brueninghaus Hydromatik Rexroth A10VO & A10VSO pump

      –Interchangeable with original Rexroth pump of the same model. A10V SO 100 DR / 31 R- ... Shaft/coupling: 32-4(C) .... A10VSO100DFR1/31. 100/6.1. 2400

      Brueninghaus Hydromatik Rexroth A10VO & A10VSO pump

      –Interchangeable with original Rexroth pump of the same model. A10V SO 100 DR / 31 R- ... Shaft/coupling: 32-4(C). K24= mounting ...... A10VSO140DRG/31R-PPB12N00. R910911357 ..... A10VSO100DFR1/31L-PPA12N00. R910938863

      Rexroth A10vso Series Hydraulic Pump A10vso71fr1/fhd/ed

      Rexroth A10VSO series hydraulic pump A10VSO71FR1/FHD/ED/DRS/DRG/DR .... A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 ... A10VSO100DFR1/31R-PPA12N00

      Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO71DRS/32R

      Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO71DRS/32R-PPB12N00 for sale,Saar HK Electronic Limited provide Rexroth ... A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00

      Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO71DRS/32R

      Model Number: Rexroth A10VSO71DRS/32R-PPB12N00 Axial Piston Variable Pump ... A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB22U99. A10VSO100DFR1/32R-VPB12N00

      A10vs0100dfr1/31r-vpa12noo A10vso100 Hydraulic Pump

      We are an independent hydraulic company that stocks new genuine Bosch Rexroth Pump & motors. We stock Atos .... A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00

      Variable Axial Piston Pump (A)A10VSO

      Bosch Rexroth AG | Industrial Hydraulics. (A)A10VSO | RA 92 711/05.04. Control device. 18. 28. 45. 71 100 140. Two-position control, direct controls. DG. ○. ○


      Rexroth A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 Piston Pump Video



      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpMaximum Torque:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Torque:Bearings; Case volume:0.0; Weight (approx.):B04311; Maximum angular acceleration:N/A; Drive Speed:0.703;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/32R-VPB22U99 Piston PumpTorque:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Pilot Pressure:Bearings; Control Fluid Drain:0.0; Determining Operating Characteristics:B04311; Maximum Torque:N/A; Flow:0.703;
      Rexroth A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpPilot Pressure:5732; Sequence Valve:713610470; Drive Power:CX506; Case volume:VKBA 3569;
      Rexroth A10VSO28DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpFlow:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Control Fluid Drain:Bearings; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.0; Drive Power:B04311; Maximum rotational speed:N/A; Maximum angular acceleration:0.703;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpDrive Power:Bearing; Pressurefree Operation:5/8 Inch; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:9.625 Inch | 244.475; Pilot Pressure:TIMKEN; Torque:Pillow Block; Voltage:3.25 Inch | 82.55 Mi; Case volume:Pillow Block Bearing; Flow:7.875 Inch | 200.025; Determining Operating Characteristics:8483.20.40.80; Control Fluid Drain:Pillow Block; Nominal Resistance:Yes; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:V Lock; Rotary stiffness:22; Drive Speed:1 Piece Solid; Sequence Valve:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Load Pressure:Triple Lip Nitrile R; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:N/A; Rate Of Pressure Change:2.362 Inch | 60 Mill; Power:31171511;
      Rexroth A10VSO45DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpControl Pressure Measurement:5732; Case volume:713610470; Power:CX506; Rotary stiffness:VKBA 3569;
      Rexroth A10VSO140DRS/32R-VPB12N00 Piston PumpMoment of inertia rotary group:Set Screw; Rate Of Pressure Change:8865590305858; Load Pressure:1.1875 in; Weight (approx.):Standard Duty; Pressurefree Operation:1.5800 in; Nominal Resistance:5.8125 in; Maximum Torque:3.1563 in; Drive Speed:Click here; Pilot Pressure:Round; Sequence Valve:Lubrication Fitting; Drive Power:UC206-19; Voltage:Two-Bolt Flange; Power:Cast Iron; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Non-Expansion Bearin; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.4375 in; Maximum Volume Flow:R-Seal; Case volume:4.5938 in;
      Rexroth A10VSO100DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpRate Of Pressure Change:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Determining Operating Characteristics:Bearings; Torque:0.0; Power:B04311; Pressurefree Operation:N/A; Weight (approx.):0.703;
      Rexroth A10VSO140DFR1/31R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpDrive Speed:Set Screw; Power:8865590305858; Pilot Pressure:1.1875 in; Moment of inertia rotary group:Standard Duty; Sequence Valve:1.5800 in; Control Fluid Drain:5.8125 in; Case volume:3.1563 in; Determining Operating Characteristics:Click here; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Round; Voltage:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum angular acceleration:UC206-19; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Two-Bolt Flange; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Cast Iron; Drive Power:Non-Expansion Bearin; Control Pressure Measurement:0.4375 in; Torque:R-Seal; Maximum Volume Flow:4.5938 in;
      Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpMaximum Volume Flow:179 Kg; Nominal Resistance:533 mm; Power:700; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:750 r/min; Maximum angular acceleration:480; Flow:700 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:480x700x128; Drive Power:NUP2096; Load Pressure:5600 kN; Control Fluid Drain:2860 kN; Voltage:128 mm; Drive Speed:480 mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:128; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):128 mm;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpControl Fluid Drain:179 Kg; Maximum rotational speed:533 mm; Sequence Valve:700; Load Pressure:750 r/min; Drive Power:480; Rotary stiffness:700 mm; Case volume:480x700x128; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:NUP2096; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):5600 kN; Control Pressure Measurement:2860 kN; Power:128 mm; Maximum Volume Flow:480 mm; Flow:128; Weight (approx.):128 mm;
      A10VSO140DR/31R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpMaximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Lead Free; Load Pressure:Dry 1.63, Periodic l; Control Fluid Drain:Plain Sleeve; Maximum Torque:35 mm; Sequence Valve:2000; Maximum angular acceleration:25 mm; Rotary stiffness:Dry 24.5 N/mm2&; Voltage:CBB; Maximum Volume Flow:-40 to +248 &de; Nominal Resistance:35 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:2000; Flow:Dry 0.50;Period; Rate Of Pressure Change:RoHS;


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