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Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01 Piston Pump

Brand Name Rexroth
Model Number A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01 Piston Pump##Parts Table 1##

Shoe Plates215,000 mm170,000 mm9,7 mmDuctile Iron
Disc SpringsAM6527-A01.8740.0N/A
Ball GuidesBearing22,0000.0N/A
Plunger Sliding Boots183 mm215,000 mm31.0N/A
Guide Ball0.17215,0000.0N/A
Coil Spring2.165 Inch | 55 Millimeter1.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter0.0N/A
Block Springs4.921 Inch | 125 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter0.0N/A
Drive Shaft140800.04400
Press Pin234,95 mm133,35 mmClick hereClick here
Seal Kit For Hyd Pump133,35 mm0.325Metric
Bearings14,2 mm139,7 mm126 mm49,212 mm


What are the three types of piston pumps?

  • 1、A piston pump is a type of positive displacement pump where the high-pressure seal ... consistent pressure and in water irrigation or delivery systems.[3]
  • 2、Jun 29, 2018 — There are typically three types of hydraulic pump constructions found in mobile hydraulic applications. These include gear, piston, ...
  • 3、Piston pumps belong to the positive displacement pump family. ... · Engineering Courses.
  • 4、Axial piston pump. Constant pump. Design: Single pump pmax: 400 bar. Vg max: 108 cm/rev. Fixed displacement axial piston pump type K60N.
  • 5、by Z Tian · 2021 — A kind of displacement function of pistons, for two-piston pumps, and two other kinds, for three-piston pumps, are presented, ...
  • 6、1. Piston Pump: 2. Plunger pump: 3. Diaphragm pump: 4. Double acting reciprocating pump: Components of Reciprocating Pumps: ...Jun 17, 2020 · Uploaded by LEARN AND GROW
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Where are Rexroth pumps made?

  • 1、66-74 Mopar 340 383 440 Six Pack Cuda Fuel Pump 5/16 Lower Fue eBay Motors ... Not Country 340 been Rexroth seller's Lower Condition: Used: The any 383 Fuel ...
  • 2、It was created in May 2001 as a result of a ... Noise is an important factor in the development of hydraulic pumps and a new, state-of-the-art noise testing.
  • 3、20 hours ago — LP INFORMATION has made a brilliant attempt to elaborately and meticulously analyze the global Multi-Axial Simulation Table market in its ...
  • 4、The pump is used in a variety of applications, including mobile construction ... "We truly value the commitment Bosch has made to be a part of our state's ...
  • 5、Mar 20, 2013 — FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. – March 20, 2013 – Bosch Rexroth has converted an existing 260,000 square foot industrial building into a state-of-the- ...
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  • 7、Controle do TURBO VOITH Voith hydraulic systems ... Hydraulic Motor Work Animation Voith automatic ... Voith pumps are also used in many manufactured.
  • 8、Bosch Rexroth AG Hydraulics ... Rexroth external gear pumps are available as standard gear ... made in the sound absorbent measuring room compliant with.

What are axial piston pump used for?

  • 1、What are axial piston pumps used for? — Axial piston pumps are positive displacement pumps that use multiple cylinders grouped around a central axis. At ...
  • 2、Hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston pumps are used in many types of fluid handling applications. White House Products, Ltd. can provide what you need.
  • 3、Hawe Hydraulics' axial piston pump has several pistons that are arranged parallel to the drive shaft. They are available as either variable pumps or ...
  • 4、In an axial-piston pump, the pistons and cylinder rotate around the center, longitudinal axis. The pistons and shoes move in and out of the cylinder because ...
  • 5、Oct 19, 2020 — The three most common types of hydraulic pumps currently in use are gear, piston, and vane pumps. Gear Pumps. Truck mounted hydraulic pumps. In ...
  • 6、Document typeDocument LanguageCodeTitleRevisionPDFBrochureENZH‑HANSKO398DZZ0063U01HYDRAULIC RANGE1Do...BrochureENESPT‑BR398DZZ0063L01HYDRAULIC RANGE1Do...BrochureENFRES398DZZ0063B03HYDRAULIC RANGE3Do...View 3 more rows
  • 7、3 Bent Axis Piston. Page 3. OBJECTIVES: To understand in depth, the working of the following sophisticated pumps used in latest power hydraulic systems. Gear ...
  • 8、Uses — Uses. Despite the problems indicated above this type of pump can contain most of the necessary circuit controls integrally (the swash-plate angle ...

What is rotary piston pump?

  • 1、The basic rotary piston pump is a small liquid precise transmission pump developed by Lead Fluid. It is suitable for high-precision dispensing and ...
  • 2、Compared to other vacuum pump systems, the HullVac rotary piston vacuum pump offers the advantages of low blank off pressures, high pumping speeds at low ...
  • 3、by T Kauder · 2015 — Magnetic gear concept for a sealless power transmission of a rotary piston pump. Abstract: Pumps are used to transport fluids or to compress gases [1].
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Will a ram pump work in a lake?

  • 1、Mar 15, 2014 — The ram pump needs head pressure or hydrostatic pressure to operate. If you have standing water with no drop then the ram pump is not going to ...
  • 2、by N Argaw · Cited by 8 — is either located underground in deep aquifers or in surface lakes, rivers, ... other institutions can work together toward the sustainable use of renewable.
  • 3、Nov 30, 2005 — My 5 acre lake is going in on the flood plane next to the creek and will get water from three springs. One of which is flowing very slowly, ...
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  • 5、When hydraulic ram pumps are properly sized and installed, flow rates of 14 gallons per minute or 20,000 gallons per day are possible. Water can be lifted to ...
  • 6、The masonry work around the pond and stream is failing. ... Here is the question: Can anyone recommend a system them would 1. dam up the lower part of the ...
  • 7、Oct 21, 2016 — 17 after a hydraulic ram failed. Hydraulic rams in the hydropower industry are utilized as kinetic energy-powered cyclic water pumps that take ...
  • 8、Jun 20, 2015 — I figure, I can build my system in sections and work my way up. ... Search Google for pump - hydraulic ram.31 posts  ·  Many, many pumps don't need thousands of gallons per minute; not sure of which one of those ...

Which pump has a piston that moves in a cylinder for pumping?

  • 1、It has a disc-shaped displacement body that uses a piston or plunger to move liquids. The plunger moves into the cylinder through a revolving shaft, ...
  • 2、Jun 28, 2018 — It consists of pump cylinder, piston, inlet and outlet valve, ... The low and medium speed piston pumps have low speed and can be manually ...
  • 3、Duplex pumps have two pistons or plungers while triplex pumps contain three. This means duplex pumps must move faster to generate the same pressure levels ...
  • 4、Mar 20, 2020 — Piston pumps can be used to move liquids or compress gases. ... that has a number of pistons in a circular array within a cylinder block.
  • 5、In an axial-piston pump, the pistons and cylinder rotate around the center, longitudinal axis. The pistons and shoes move in and out of the cylinder because ...
  • 6、An axial piston pump is a positive displacement pump that has a number of ... The pumping pistons protrude from the opposite end of the cylinder block.
  • 7、Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps. Definition. The piston moves back and forth inside a cylinder, which pushes the liquid out of the cylinder.
  • 8、Piston pumps are used in a wide variety of fluid transfer, extrusion, ... An 11:1 ratio indicates the pump air motor piston has 11 times the effective area ...

Can a positive displacement pump run backwards?

    What is a positive pump?




      Bosch Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pumps are world recognized for their energy saving and compact sizes. Rexroth variable pumps move with the trend toward 

      Variable Axial Piston Pump (A)A10VSO

      Bosch Rexroth AG | Industrial Hydraulics. (A)A10VSO ... 31. Type of operation. Pump in open circuit. O. Axial Piston Unit. Swashplate design, variable size 18

      Brueninghaus Hydromatik Rexroth A10VO & A10VSO pump

      –Interchangeable with original Rexroth pump of the same model. A10V SO 100 DR / 31 ..... A10VSO71DFLR/31R-PPA12K01 ...... A10VSO45DR/31L-PPA12N00

      Standard R910947943 A10vso45dr/31r-vkc62n00-so928

      Standard R910947943 A10vso45dr/31r-vkc62n00-so928 Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Pump Variable Displacement .... A10VSO45DFLR/31R-PPA12K01

      Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01 Hydraulic Piston

      rexroth A10V Hydraulic piston pumps. Your best source for new aftermarket Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps... A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01

      A10VSO45DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Rexroth Axial Piston

      Quality Piston Pumps manufacturers & exporter - buy A10VSO45DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump from China manufacturer

      Brueninghaus Hydromatik Rexroth A10VO & A10VSO pump

      –Interchangeable with original Rexroth pump of the same model. A10V SO 100 DR .... A10VO45DR/31. A10VSO45DR/31 ... A10VSO71DFLR/31R-PPA12K01

      Axial piston variable pump | Bosch Rexroth AG

      Axial piston variable pump. A10VO series 31. All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 … 140; Nominal pressure 280 bar; Maximum pressure 350 bar; Open 

      A10VSO45OV-31R-PPA12K01 spare parts in A10VSO45DR

      A10VSO45OV-31R-PPA12K01. ... Pumps · Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pump A10VSO; A10VSO45DR-31R-PPA12K01. Back. A10VSO45DR-31R-PPA12K01 

      AA10VSO | Bosch Rexroth USA

      AA10VSO – Variable displacement pumps (Series 31) ... R902502989, A10VSO 71 DRG /31R-PPA12K01, 10 / >10, 10 / 40, RE-A92711. R902502730 


      Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12K01 Piston Pump Video



      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpFlow:B04144; Determining Operating Characteristics:N/A; Maximum Volume Flow:0.0; Drive Speed:0.93; Rate Of Pressure Change:Bearings; Pressurefree Operation:NSK;
      Rexroth A10VSO100DFR1/32R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpMaximum angular acceleration:Set Screw; Maximum Volume Flow:8865590305858; Moment of inertia rotary group:1.1875 in; Sequence Valve:Standard Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.5800 in; Load Pressure:5.8125 in; Control Fluid Drain:3.1563 in; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Click here; Rotary stiffness:Round; Nominal Resistance:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:UC206-19; Flow:Two-Bolt Flange; Torque:Cast Iron; Weight (approx.):Non-Expansion Bearin; Control Pressure Measurement:0.4375 in; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:R-Seal; Drive Power:4.5938 in;
      Rexroth A10VSO140DRS/32R-VPB12N00 Piston PumpControl Fluid Drain:Set Screw; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:8865590305858; Maximum angular acceleration:1.1875 in; Determining Operating Characteristics:Standard Duty; Moment of inertia rotary group:1.5800 in; Load Pressure:5.8125 in; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:3.1563 in; Rotary stiffness:Click here; Drive Speed:Round; Flow:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum Torque:UC206-19; Control Pressure Measurement:Two-Bolt Flange; Maximum Volume Flow:Cast Iron; Voltage:Non-Expansion Bearin; Drive Power:0.4375 in; Pressurefree Operation:R-Seal; Nominal Resistance:4.5938 in;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpMaximum Torque:SCHAEFFLER GROUP; Sequence Valve:Bearings; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.0; Control Fluid Drain:B04311; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):N/A; Moment of inertia rotary group:0.703;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DFR1/32R-VPB22U99 Piston PumpTorque:Lead Free; Voltage:Dry 1.63, Periodic l; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Plain Sleeve; Maximum Volume Flow:35 mm; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):2000; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:25 mm; Rotary stiffness:Dry 24.5 N/mm2&; Control Pressure Measurement:CBB; Moment of inertia rotary group:-40 to +248 &de; Maximum angular acceleration:35 mm; Maximum rotational speed:2000; Pilot Pressure:Dry 0.50;Period; Rate Of Pressure Change:RoHS;
      Rexroth A10VSO45DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpMoment of inertia rotary group:5732; Weight (approx.):713610470; Pressurefree Operation:CX506; Load Pressure:VKBA 3569;
      Rexroth A10VSO71DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpDrive Power:179 Kg; Rate Of Pressure Change:533 mm; Weight (approx.):700; Drive Speed:750 r/min; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):480; Load Pressure:700 mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:480x700x128; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:NUP2096; Nominal Resistance:5600 kN; Maximum angular acceleration:2860 kN; Pressurefree Operation:128 mm; Voltage:480 mm; Pilot Pressure:128; Sequence Valve:128 mm;
      Rexroth A10VSO28DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpLoad Pressure:B04144; Maximum Torque:N/A; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.0; Control Pressure Measurement:0.93; Flow:Bearings; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:NSK;
      Rexroth A10VSO100DR/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpTorque:Bearing; Power:5/8 Inch; Drive Speed:9.625 Inch | 244.475; Control Fluid Drain:TIMKEN; Determining Operating Characteristics:Pillow Block; Moment of inertia rotary group:3.25 Inch | 82.55 Mi; Weight (approx.):Pillow Block Bearing; Sequence Valve:7.875 Inch | 200.025; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:8483.20.40.80; Voltage:Pillow Block; Pressurefree Operation:Yes; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:V Lock; Maximum Torque:22; Rotary stiffness:1 Piece Solid; Drive Power:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Triple Lip Nitrile R; Maximum Volume Flow:N/A; Maximum angular acceleration:2.362 Inch | 60 Mill; Pilot Pressure:31171511;
      Rexroth A10VSO140DFR1/31R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpPressurefree Operation:Uncoated; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:90 mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:6700 RPM; Case volume:Open; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Cast Iron; Rotary stiffness:26000 lb; Nominal Resistance:23 mm; Control Fluid Drain:Tapered 1:12; Maximum Torque:222; Voltage:50 mm;
      Rexroth A10VSO45DFR1/31R-PPA12N00 Piston PumpTorque:8.75 Inch | 222.25 M; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:8483.20.40.80; Maximum Volume Flow:0.0; Drive Power:34.05; Maximum rotational speed:N/A; Rate Of Pressure Change:Flange Block Bearing; Nominal Resistance:75; Maximum angular acceleration:Non-expansion; Moment of inertia rotary group:0 Inch | 0 Millimete; Control Pressure Measurement:4 Bolt Square Flange; Flow:Double Row | Heavy D; Rotary stiffness:Tapered Adapter Slee; Sequence Valve:Flanged; Voltage:22226; Pilot Pressure:Inch; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):TIMKEN; Load Pressure:Flange Block; Power:M06288; Determining Operating Characteristics:4 Bolt Square Flange;
      A10VSO140DR/31R-PPB12N00 Piston PumpMaximum angular acceleration:B04144; Maximum Volume Flow:N/A; Voltage:0.0; Maximum rotational speed:0.93; Sequence Valve:Bearings; Power:NSK;


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